Can You Trust Rockland Luggage For Your Travel Needs?

I want to know more about the Rockland Luggage brand but it seems that they don’t have an official website. It also looks like that Rockland is a brand from Fox Luggage but they also don’t have an official site that we can search online. A lot of people have also been looking for information and that’s why I created this website. Based on my research, this baggage line started to come around during the early months of 2008. As you can see they’ve been around for a while now. I have found some Rockland Luggage reviews and so this site will be a summary of what I have found so you can save some time and effort in researching. If you’re asking if Rockland Luggage is a good brand then you can definitely find the answer in this website.

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Rockland Luggage 4-Piece Set

Rockland Luggage 4pc SetThe Rockland Luggage 4-piece set has the most number of reviews and people are generally satisfied with it. The set comes in various eye catching designs and this is one of the main reasons why consumers love it. Your luggage set will definitely stand out in the crowd and it will be easier to spot when waiting to pickup your luggage at the airport or when you go on a cruise. Some folks bought their Rockland luggage 4-piece set for their kids because some designs are too cute and kids just love it.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this luggage set is very strong and durable even after years of usage. One individual reported that even after 2 years, the Rockland Luggage did not show any signs of tearing and the zippers are all fine considering that the individual crams it all in. One reviewer is so happy about her Rockland luggage and she didn’t even mind the previous reviews that weren’t satisfactory. She even mentioned that the best part is the 3-year warranty that’s included with the luggage. The 4-piece set also includes locks but I’ve read that it’s better to buy separate locks because the locks that are included with the set look cheap.

There were a few instances where people were disappointed because they have reported that the luggage broke at the seams and the zippers broke as well. But overall, people generally gave favorable reviews with the build and quality of the Rockland luggage 4-piece set. You might think that the price is too good to be true for a 4-piece luggage set but like most people, you will definitely see the high quality behind the Rockland luggage.

Rockland Luggage Impact Spinner

Rockland Luggage Impact SpinnerThe Impact Spinner is another 4-piece luggage set from Rockland Luggage. The color and design choices are not that many compared to the previous 4-piece luggage set mentioned above as you only have 4 colors to choose from. The 4-piece uprights measure at 18 inches, 22 inches, 26 inches and 30 inches. The storage area in each suitcase has a lot of space and you can take advantage of the zipper expansion which is a very useful feature. The interiors in each luggage looks good and the 4 wheels make it effortless for you to move around. The handles extend and retract smoothly and you get to hear that nice solid click sound when engaged. The exterior of this Rockland luggage is also very attractive with its clean cut look and you’re going to easily spot this when getting your luggage.

Take note that the 26 and 30 suitcases are initially heavier and they weigh at 10 and 12 pounds. You might want to monitor how much stuff you’re packing into the 30 inch suitcase because you can easily get over the standard weight limit in airlines. A little concern that might arise with this particular Rockland luggage set is the telescoping handles because people felt that it’s cheaply made. But still there were some reports that the handles were all good even after daily use. The quality of this Rockland luggage set is perfect for the price. If you’re searching for a good quality, affordable luggage set then this is your perfect choice.

Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate

Rockland Luggage Vision PolycarbonateThe Vision Polycarbonate is a 3-piece set from Rockland Luggage and it’s made from the same material used for making bulletproof glass. This makes the luggage set super lightweight, durable and you can be sure that the stuff inside your luggage is protected. When you read the reviews for this luggage set over at, you’ll see that the average star rating for this Rockland luggage is almost perfect (4.5 out of 5 stars).

It comes in 4 distinctive printed designs which will make it easy for you to find your luggage in the carousel. Plus, you’ll also get some compliments on this Rockland luggage on how great it looks. This luggage set is also equipped with multi-directional spinner wheels making it easy to maneuver. We all know how your luggage is handled in flights and you’ll be pleased to hear that the hard side of this luggage holds up real well to wear and tear. The handle extends and retracts smoothly as it should according to our research. The interior is very spacious and since this is extremely lightweight, you can easily pack more stuff without worrying about the weight limit in airlines. But you have to take note that this luggage opens in two equal parts because of the hardsides. One side has the zipper cover and the other side only has the straps and so this can be tricky when it comes to opening and closing.

One issue that you might encounter with this is the chemical smell. A good solution to this is to open the luggage and let the smell air out for a week. Also take note that this luggage set doesn’t have any outside pockets.

Overall, the Vision Polycarbonate gives the travelers the most reasonably priced luggage set. All of the reviewers are really happy with the price and the high quality of this luggage set.

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Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece Review

Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 PieceNow we’re going to take a look at the Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece set which at the moment is really popular among travelers. As of now this luggage set has hundreds of reviews and the average star rating is 4 out of 5 stars over at (over 50% of the people gave this luggage set a 5-star rating).

It seems that people are giving mixed reviews regarding this Rockland luggage set. We’re going to list down the good things that people like about it and of course you will also know what are the common complaints that people have with this set. Hopefully you’ll read this review and make an informed decision of whether it is worth it.

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What is ABS?

The Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece is made up of ABS which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (don’t bother to pronounce it). Basically it’s a type of plastic which is lighter than polycarbonate but it’s not as durable. ABS is also the cheapest when it comes to hardness so this is a popular choice if you want a really cheap hard side luggage.

Take note that the Rockland Sonic 3 piece is not hard sided as they only have a plastic outer shell. And if you try pressing into them, there will be some give.

According to the reviews, a lot of people are very much satisfied at how how durable this luggage is. And because of ABS, people were also delighted that the luggage set is really light to carry. However, there were also reports that the luggage set got busted after a couple of travels and this is due to a number of different circumstances. It seems that if the Rockland Sonic fell a couple of steps or if baggage handlers manhandle it then it will likely cause some durability issues.


There have been a lot of mentions on how roomy and expandable the Rockland Luggage Sonice 3 Piece is.


So far the spinners for this Rockland luggage set is very reliable. People gave reviews that the spinners were extremely easy to roll.

Color options

A lot of people were very pleased with the bright colors as they were able to easily spot their luggage in the carousel. Some people even received compliments on how sleek and sharp their Rockland Sonic set looks.

Is it lightweight?

This is another area where it got some mixed reviews. Some reported that they were surprised at how light it is but there were also people who were mentioning that it’s somewhat heavy.

Price point

A number of consumer reviews indicated that the price for the Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece is a huge plus because it’s the cheapest when it comes to hard side luggage sets. Some even reported that they saw similar luggage sets for double the price and so this is a very good bargain for them. Overall people commented that this is a great luggage set for the money.

Are there any complaints?

A lot of people have complained about the chemical smell of the Rockland Luggage Sonic. Someone compared the smell to a chemical soup of uncured plastic. If you have any plans of buying this set, make sure to air them out for at least a month. There’s also a suggestion to put some scented dryer sheets in luggage. If the smell is still there, you can try spraying a 1-1 solution of water and vinegar and let it dry before using it. According to our research, the spray solution will reduce 80% of the chemical smell.

Another issue that people are worried about is the top handle. According to the reviews, the top handle seems to be a bit flimsy for such a huge luggage and there have been actual reports of the top handle coming off in some trips. But there are also some people who are experiencing some good results with the top handle and the overall durability of the set.

What’s next?

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Helpful Tips Before Buying Your Rockland Luggage

Let’s continue our Rockland luggage discussion with another article. The first article was about the consumer reviews and right now we’re going to take a look at a more general discussion. Anyone who travels a lot will definitely need an ideal luggage in order to keep their important stuff. Your luggage is going to be like your best friend when traveling. So if you’re giving some thought into traveling then you must plan ahead and carefully choose the luggage that’s perfect for your situation and needs.

Of course this site is going to be biased about Rockland Luggage but you really don’t have to buy it. There are a lot of different luggage brands out there but the Rockland Luggage has been gaining some popularity towards travelers. If you want to know more about this luggage brand then just go to this site’s homepage to read all the Rockland luggage reviews. And now here are some tips on choosing the right luggage for your travel needs. Continue reading