Helpful Tips Before Buying Your Rockland Luggage

Let’s continue our Rockland luggage discussion with another article. The first article was about the consumer reviews and right now we’re going to take a look at a more general discussion. Anyone who travels a lot will definitely need an ideal luggage in order to keep their important stuff. Your luggage is going to be like your best friend when traveling. So if you’re giving some thought into traveling then you must plan ahead and carefully choose the luggage that’s perfect for your situation and needs.

Of course this site is going to be biased about Rockland Luggage but you really don’t have to buy it. There are a lot of different luggage brands out there but the Rockland Luggage has been gaining some popularity towards travelers. If you want to know more about this luggage brand then just go to this site’s homepage to read all the Rockland luggage reviews. And now here are some tips on choosing the right luggage for your travel needs.

First you have to determine the scope of your travel needs and get an idea on what’s the suitable luggage size. If you’re going in an international or domestic flight then you just might be fine with using a medium sized baggage. But it’s advisable to purchase a whole set like the 4pc set of Rockland luggage if you travel a lot. By doing this, you will have a variety of sizes that you can choose from. There’s also a hand carry bag if you don’t like the idea of checking in your luggage.

Sometimes, you might have the difficulty on thinking how many pieces of luggage you should take with you. You can easily solve this by following a few simple tips. If you’re going to travel with your family, determine how many people are going to travel with you and estimate how much stuff they would carry. At first this is going to look daunting but it’s easier when you do this at home because you get to see their stuff. If you really have a huge family, you might want to consider extendable luggage sets.

Next thing that you should think about is whether you would go for a hard-side bag or a soft-side one. You can easily squeeze a soft-sided bag into tight compartments and this is very difficult to do with a bag that has a hard side. But if you’re worried about how the airlines handle your luggage when you check it in, then it might be better if you choose a hard sided bag. A hard side bag like the Rockland luggage Vision Polycarbonate is perfect for this type of situation since the material used for this is also used in making bulletproof glasses. You can be sure that your luggage is going to withstand the rigors of travel with a hard side baggage.

You should carefully check the interior of the luggage and make sure that the fabric is very durable. Don’t overlook this part because this is one of the most important points to look for. You can find a lot of cheaper options when it comes to your luggage but make sure it doesn’t sacrifice the overall quality. One factor that you can look at is the denier nylon of the luggage. The higher the denier, the thicker the fiber. You can also check the wheels of the luggage because this is important when you want your luggage to have an easy maneuverability. The Rockland luggage has wheels that are easy to move around. The zippers are also very important when choosing your luggage. They should hold up very well and the zippers should adjust smoothly.

When it comes to the design of your luggage sets, it’s really an easy decision for most people. Some will prefer a more solid color while others will go for a printed design. Although there are people who can have a very challenging time when choosing a design especially if they’re looking for something that will fit their personality. One of things that people love about the Rockland Luggage is their designs. If you take a quick look at the reviews and photos of Rockland luggage, you’ll quickly see that some of the designs are very distinct compared to common luggage sets. Travelers love its style because the design makes it easy for them to spot their luggage in airport carousels. Many of the people even got some compliments from their friends and family on how awesome the design of their Rockland Luggage.

You can also decide on the brand before buying but it’s not that easy when you’re faced with a brand that’s not really popular. If you were to discover the Rockland luggage a few years back then you might think twice about this brand since it’s not yet well known during that time. But as of the moment, Rockland luggage has garnered a lot of reputation for being a good luggage brand. Then there are the more popular brands but their price can get really expensive.

Now you have to factor in your budget when it comes to selecting your luggage set. You have to give your spending money a chance because a low budget doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get a high quality luggage. There are definitely a lot of luggage brands that are more affordable and durable. One really good example is the Rockland luggage. A quick look at the online sites, especially (since they have the lowest prices) will reveal its very reasonable price and yet travelers are very satisfied with the performance of the Rockland luggage.

These are just some of the important tips and advice that you have to remember when it comes to selecting your luggage for your travel needs. Another tip you can try is to visit some online travel forums and read up on the luggage brands that people have tried. There are also online shops that will have the testimonials along with their products. The Rockland luggage over at has already a good amount of reviews from people and hopefully this will help you with your buying decision. For more information about the Rockland Luggage, please go check out this site’s homepage. If you want the lowest prices for Rockland Luggage then is definitely your best choice.

Please leave any type of feedback below regarding the Rockland Luggage below this article if you have any. Thank you.


  1. Fred Bifulco

    Im looking to buy just the small 18″ carry on that my dog destroyed. I cant find anyone selling just on peice. Its the Rockland Impact collection 18″ carry on.
    Can anyone help me?

  2. Eugene Elander

    This carry-on luggage, ITEM F 145 from the MELBOURNE COLLECTION by Rockland/Fox Luggage, was used only twice, once for a trip to Minneapolis last December, and once again for a summer trip to Sweden — on both trips, this piece of luggage was used as a carry-on and thus under my direct supervision. On the second trip, to Stockholm, the pull-out handle which allows the bag to be rolled on its wheels refused to come out beyond the first stop, making the handle very short and causing me to have to lean over to pull the bag, which caused discomfort, pain, and back problems as a result.

    We were in Sweden from May through September, and have just returned with this defective bag in order to secure replacement under the five-year warranty, which unfortunately had been partially covered up by a large sticker containing some California rules which made it very hard to read the terms of the warranty. However, upon removing that sticker, I found that THERE IS A FORTY DOLLAR SO-CALLED HANDLING CHARGE IN ORDER TO EVEN GET THE WARRANTY REPLACEMENT CONSIDERED, AND THEN FOX LUGGAGE INC. CLAIMS TO RESERVE THE RIGHT OF FINAL DECISION. THAT MEANS THAT SENDING THE LUGGAGE TO FOX LUGGAGE WOULD COST SHIPPING + THE FORTY DOLLAR CHARGE, AND EVEN THEN THE OUTCOME WOULD BE TOTALLY UP TO FOX LUGGAGE — A SHAM & SCAM!

    After many attempts to find a working email address for Fox Luggage Inc. customer service or corporate officers Shervishan H. Lee and Wayne Wang, I finally found their attorney Jen-Feng Lee’s email address, and have written to him several times, asking that my email be forwarded to those corporate officers at Fox Luggage, but there has been zero response, not even an acknowledgement. Fox Luggage so-called warranty is really a scam, not a good-faith replacement offer for defective luggage, and nobody would pay forty dollars plus shipping just to be turned down by Fox Luggage — which they surely know. These comments are confirmed by the very many internet complaints against Fox Luggage and its poor items — DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TRASH FROM SUCH A TRASHY COMPANY WITH A WORTHLESS WARRANTY!

  3. Mrs.Sheinnan

    I would like to know if you have any details regarding the Rockland 2-piece set, CHARCOAL which has a 5 star rating on website. Having said this, there are also customer reviews which say that the zippers are weak, there is an unpleasant odour of this luggage and finally there is cancer causing chemicals with this set.
    Question: Has the manufacturer rectified these issues and updated these 2 products. I would be interested in purchasing this depending on the results of this inquiry. Thank you for your prompt response.

  4. Mrs.Sheinnan

    I would be very interested to know if the ROCKLAND 2-piece luggage set, CHARCOAL has had product changes, updates to it. rates this as a 5* rating except for some negative comments from other customer reviews which are as follows; weak zippers that break, reports of foul odour from luggage pieces, and finally cancer causing chemicals with this product. Please let me know the status for these particular issues. Thank you

  5. Susan Heffernon

    My Rockland suitcase had no enclosed info about the included “Combination LOCK” – It currently just says 0 – 0 – 0.
    Do you know how to set it to a different #-?

  6. laura metcalfe

    i am not happy with the service for this luggage. i ordered from ebags and the first day my daughter used hers it split open in a few spots. i contacted them and sent pictures and they said it was not covered under warranty. i want to talk to a person and there is not a number to call.

  7. Melissa N Jones

    I purchased a piece of Rockland luggage on as a Christmas gift to my daughter’s fiancee for future use. I realize the gift was purchased in Dec. 2013 but he just completed his college degree and was using the luggage for the first time. The handle extends so the dufflebag luggage will roll. When he extended the handle, it was broken. It came all the way out. I think your luggage should be better quality than that. I am very disappointed. I know the 30 day return policy is way gone … is there anything the Rockland Luggage company can do?


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