Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece Review

Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 PieceNow we’re going to take a look at the Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece set which at the moment is really popular among travelers. As of now this luggage set has hundreds of reviews and the average star rating is 4 out of 5 stars over at (over 50% of the people gave this luggage set a 5-star rating).

It seems that people are giving mixed reviews regarding this Rockland luggage set. We’re going to list down the good things that people like about it and of course you will also know what are the common complaints that people have with this set. Hopefully you’ll read this review and make an informed decision of whether it is worth it.

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What is ABS?

The Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece is made up of ABS which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (don’t bother to pronounce it). Basically it’s a type of plastic which is lighter than polycarbonate but it’s not as durable. ABS is also the cheapest when it comes to hardness so this is a popular choice if you want a really cheap hard side luggage.

Take note that the Rockland Sonic 3 piece is not hard sided as they only have a plastic outer shell. And if you try pressing into them, there will be some give.

According to the reviews, a lot of people are very much satisfied at how how durable this luggage is. And because of ABS, people were also delighted that the luggage set is really light to carry. However, there were also reports that the luggage set got busted after a couple of travels and this is due to a number of different circumstances. It seems that if the Rockland Sonic fell a couple of steps or if baggage handlers manhandle it then it will likely cause some durability issues.


There have been a lot of mentions on how roomy and expandable the Rockland Luggage Sonice 3 Piece is.


So far the spinners for this Rockland luggage set is very reliable. People gave reviews that the spinners were extremely easy to roll.

Color options

A lot of people were very pleased with the bright colors as they were able to easily spot their luggage in the carousel. Some people even received compliments on how sleek and sharp their Rockland Sonic set looks.

Is it lightweight?

This is another area where it got some mixed reviews. Some reported that they were surprised at how light it is but there were also people who were mentioning that it’s somewhat heavy.

Price point

A number of consumer reviews indicated that the price for the Rockland Luggage Sonic 3 Piece is a huge plus because it’s the cheapest when it comes to hard side luggage sets. Some even reported that they saw similar luggage sets for double the price and so this is a very good bargain for them. Overall people commented that this is a great luggage set for the money.

Are there any complaints?

A lot of people have complained about the chemical smell of the Rockland Luggage Sonic. Someone compared the smell to a chemical soup of uncured plastic. If you have any plans of buying this set, make sure to air them out for at least a month. There’s also a suggestion to put some scented dryer sheets in luggage. If the smell is still there, you can try spraying a 1-1 solution of water and vinegar and let it dry before using it. According to our research, the spray solution will reduce 80% of the chemical smell.

Another issue that people are worried about is the top handle. According to the reviews, the top handle seems to be a bit flimsy for such a huge luggage and there have been actual reports of the top handle coming off in some trips. But there are also some people who are experiencing some good results with the top handle and the overall durability of the set.

What’s next?

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If you have something to add or if you have any comments and feedback about the Rockland Luggage Sonic 3-Piece then please leave your comments below this article.


  1. P.A.T.

    Love my Rockland 2pc “ORANGE” Rio set, however when I purchased it for a short weekend trip I thought I would be able to come back and purchase more pieces. How can I contact the company to see if these pieces are offered before I have to purchase a different set?

    1. Harvey (Post author)

      Hi Pat,

      Thank you for sharing how you feel about your Rockland Rio. The orange set is actually available right now on Click this link and choose the color Orange in the options. Stay tuned because I’m going to write a review about their Rio 2pc set.

      If you wish to contact Fox Luggage, there’s a link to their contact form in the sidebar of this website. Thanks Pat! Have a happy and safe travel.


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